Smartcard Ingenieur
  • Smartcard Ingenieur

    SKU: 0001

    Our Wingcard engineer, like the name, is an auxiliary tool for engineers. The turtle fits perfectly into the wallet due to its size, but can also carry in your pocket.

    It is with screwdriver, hexagon wrench and nail puller, as well as with ruler, compass and Maßpfeilschaplone. But there are also practical tools for everyday life. If you do not have problems, if you do not have any coins for grocery shopping in the supermarket or no long fingernails to see the orange. If you have a video on your phone, look at your phone.

    After a long day’s work, it’s time to clear your mind, but there is no way to open it. Luckily, the wingcard comes with a bottle opener. For drills or wires, you can fix the problems that determine diameter.

      VAT Included